Power Of Ionics

You’ve probably seen over recent years the huge number of sportsmen and celebrities wearing bracelets that they say helps their performance and improve their well being. We set about making the best, most practical product of its type and our range is a result of that hard work. So confident are we in our product we offer a full 30 day money back guarantee.

How does it work?

In our modern lifestyle are bodies are depleted of negative ions, with stresses such as electronics or air conditioning to blame. The Power of bracelets are designed to release negative ions into your body the moment you put them on. Among the most powerful products of their type, Ions release over 2000 negative ions a second.


Ion wearers around the world have reported numerous benefits and you could to:

– Improved strength
– Improved flexibility and decreased stiffness
– Improved sleep
– Improved balance

Try it yourself

Anyone can tell you wearing something will give you certain benefits but we can’t think of a better way of demonstrating it than with some tests you can try at home. Try all of these tests first without the band, and then with, and see the difference.

Strength and Power

Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and raise both your arms to your side so they are level with your shoulders. Have a friend push down on your wrists as hard as they can and resist with all your strength. Now try again with the band on, and ask your friend how much stronger you felt. You should notice it for yourself.


Start with your feet together and arms to the side and then lift your right leg up so you are just standing on your left leg and have someone push down on your right arm. Most people topple over! Now hold the bracelet in your right hand and repeat. Feel the difference?


Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and raise your right arm out straight in front of you. Move your arm slowly clockwise following it round with your head as far as it will go before it’s uncomfortable. Have a look at where you are pointing. Without moving your feet put the Power Sport band on and try it again. Bear in mind that there will be no salesman manipulating the tests – just you and a friend or family member, allowing you to see the potential benefits yourself, without bias or pressure.

100 Percent Satisfaction Guaranteed

We’ve used these products and seen the results ourselves and genuinely believe that they deliver real benefits. Our 1000’s of satisfied customers tell us that. However, we were doubtful at first and understand why others are. So we thought the best thing to do is to let you make your own mind up. We offer a full and complete refund policy – try it, use it for 30 days and if you don’t notice a difference, send it back for a full refund. You’ve nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Thermography Tests

As can be seen from the thermography tests below – negative ion necklaces and bracelets significantly enhance the wearer’s circulation. This increase in circulation may assist with the body’s ability to recover from injury and may assist those who suffer from poor circulation. Of course, anyone wearing a Vital-ion necklace or bracelet may also enjoy the benefits from an improved circulation and a speedier recovery.

Image before using the Negative Ion Wristband

After Wearing Negative ion Accessory for ONLY 30 minutes. The image demonstrates negative ions circulating in the body and it concentrating on the areas of stress. This is why the image shows a deeper heat as the body addresses the stressed area.

This image is after seven days of wearing negative ion accessories at night while sleeping. Notice how the body has balanced itself. The area at the top of the photo is showing heat under the breasts, which in this case is normal, due to a bra.

The volunteer noticed immediate results with deeper and longer sleep, up to 11 hours. She was used to having vivid nightmares of which disappeared while wearing negative ion accessories. Volunteer also offered the experience of daily intense headaches, which subsided in intensity while wearing negative ions. Volunteer also indicated overall balance calmness in the mental and emotional states, on a daily basis while wearing negative ion jewelry.

This volunteer experienced a significant fall on concrete stairs, using the forearms to stop and brace the fall, which resulted in bruising and significant back pain.

before using the Negative Ion Wristband

After wearing negative ion accessory for 30 Minutes, look at the amount of negative ions focused on stressed areas. Notice the hand, the test volunteer indicated a large amount of arthritis there. The volunteer indicated the most pain present was due to sciatica.

After wearing negative ion 7 days an average of 6 hours a night while sleeping. Volunteer indicated less pain in back and hands and a deeper sleep experience. More rested when rising in the morning and maintaining energy throughout the day. Pain was not completely gone but dramatically reduced.

Image before using the Negative Ion Accessories

After 30 minutes with Negative Ion Accessories, again we see the concentration of negative ions in the most stressed area neutralizing the positive ions causing inflammation.

After wearing Negative ion Accessories for seven days for an average of 8 hours per day while sleeping and watching TV. Pain and stiffness in the knee dramatically reduced. The knee was replaced a year ago. The ericose indicators in the left knee has been dramatically reduced and the inflammation stress in the right leg is also dramatically reduced. The volunteer indicated there was no pain in the right leg and was surprised to see the stress in the imaging. The volunteer also reported a decrease in sinus congestion and lung stress of coughing and congestion while wearing Negative Ion Accessories for seven days.